On my constant quest, as I am, to be totally free from my full-time job (which, did I mention, I can’t stand?), I am often plagued by those thoughts which challenge what I am doing. What if my new projects fall flat on their faces? Making a living on-line isn’t as trustworthy as a full-time job. Why am I wasting my time? What happens if I quit my job, and a few months later I end up penniless and homeless?

Sometimes its enough to make you give up. I berate myself for being so stupid as to believe that I can make it out there on my own and I just sit there thinking how stupid I have been. What do I do?

I could turn around and go back to my job, thinking that it is all there is and it should be enough for me – after all, it’s enough for everyone else, isn’t it?

I could find myself a new job, with good prospects. It doesn’t have to be the same career – but then I’m not trained in anything else and it’ll be a huge task to re-train…

A year or so ago, I never believed that I could make even a reasonable amount of money on-line. But with the success of ReadyMadePubQuiz.com I proved myself wrong. At the moment it is a great success. Yes, it may not last, but it’s there for now.

So is it a waste of time? In my heart, I really don’t believe so. I really want to make it work. And if I give up, I’ll always regret not trying. So how do I make myself get on with things, when it all seems too much?

1. Take a tiny step.

Just the tiniest step towards your goal or your dream can push you in the right direction. If I pick up my laptop and do something tiny, for example checking for comments on a blog, I find that I actually end up doing a lot more.

2. Take a walk to clear your head.

Fresh air and exercise help to keep us health and positive. You will most likely find that you come back in a totally different frame of mind.

3. Seek inspiration.

I use books and the Internet. Sadly I do have quite a collection of books on positive thinking these days… Sometimes I look for articles that will spur me on. Sometimes I just flick around, looking for ideas to get me thinking.

4. Speak to an inspirational friend.

I don’t know about you, but my different friends are all useful in their own individual ways! Some are great when you need a comforting shoulder, some are good at giving advice. I have one friend who is fantastic at giving me perspective whenever I need it.

5. Tidy.

It may sound silly, but a cluttered work area/room really does make for a cluttered mind. If you want to be productive, make sure everything feels nice about your space. Also, doing a task that doesn’t directly relate to your project, but which is helpful at the same time, can make you feel as if you’re achieving something useful, if you can’t face taking bigger steps or doing the relevant work. It may seem like procrastinating, but I don’t believe that it is. You’ll probably feel so positive and pleased with yourself when you’ve finished that other tasks won’t seem so daunting.



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